Thursday, August 14, 2014

Perlinger Maternity

At the end of June, my family and I, traveled to Kansas City to celebrate my best friends baby shower [baby shower pictures to come later] and so aside from hosting the shower, I was also honored to capture her maternity pictures. We snuck away early in the morning to begin capturing her special day. After her session it was back to the house we rented to begin all the crazy shower preparations. That day went by SO fast! It was a blur of waking up, taking photos, back to finish shower prep, setting up for the shower, hosting the shower, and then making the drive 3 hour back home. 

Shout out to Sali Stout, of Sali Stout Photography for taking my own family photos a few days prior to these! My best friend fell in love with the location and that's exactly where we went to shoot her own!

Now, I can't speak for EVERY photographer, but I do know QUITE a few of them and the majority of them all tend to have favorites of their sessions that their clients never even think twice about.

I have a feeling that's the way it is with these! These are MY favorites, with a few of her favorites thrown in too ;)

Friday, April 18, 2014

website RElaunch

So I've been working on my new site on and off since January, which sounds like a REALLY long time right? kind of is! I COULD have had it finished by February, buuuuuut when I received a positive pregnancy test life's priorities shifted a tad. With my first pregnancy I wasn't as tired and fatigue as I was with this one!

Holy schmokes!

So here I sit at 17 weeks and my energy levels have finally started returning to normal and my drive and motivation for my business has returned along with it! (about time! pfffttt)

I have been re-editing a few of my past sessions so they better reflect my style of work now as opposed to a year ago.

For a lot of photographers that work with natural light, the slow season is winter. Not many people want to stand and sit outside for over an hour and have their red noses documented as they shiver and huddle together to keep warm.

So, here we are coming into May and I can't wait to dive into beautiful spring and summer sessions! 

In the past sneak peeks have been posted and shared via Facebook. I'm looking to eventually stop posting them to Facebook and instead posting here to the blog or using Google+. The difference in quality is truly remarkable. I can't even begin to count the THOUSANDS of photographers who are also making this transition. Facebook is the most used media platform for my clients however so once I make this transition there will be one image posted along with the link to the rest of the sneak peek images. That way it's easy for you to share with your family to let them know where the rest of them are!

A few of the things that you'll find on my website now that you will be able to download:

Product Guide List
Pricing List for À la Carte prints
Cancellation Policy
Session Contracts
Payment Plan

Some files are password protected; the password is provided upon request or via current email correspondence.

Looking forward to making this a great year! :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013


introducing Trina

Newman University Class of 2013

Bachelors of Science in Nursing